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Hart Guitars
Fine Custom Handbuilt Guitars

Hart Guitars is Joe Hart.  Hart Guitars are hand built steel-string acoustic guitars.  The idea of building something by hand that would be pleasing to the senses and enlighten the spirit is truly what Hart Guitars is about.  Each and every guitar that has the “Broken Heart” logo on its headstock is built with the utmost attention to detail and how it will “feel” to whomever decides to own one.  While Hart Guitars offers a few standard models, custom models are a welcome request.  Simply ask...

At this time a maximum of two students can be accomodated starting in March of 2013. Full instrument building courses over a two month period as well as one to two week courses involving certain tasks relating to guitar building and/or maintenance and repair can be arranged . One to two week courses are $750/week. The full two month guitar building course will cost $4500 which includes wood for a basic steel-string guitar ie., mahogany, walnut or maple back and sides with a sitka spruce top and all other materials needed to build a guitar. Students will work one on one with Joe on each and every task and should defenitely have some previous wood working skills and knowledge of the guitar in order to fascilitate the building of a guitar. While English is Joe’s first language, French speaking students are more than welcome. Having grown up in a French speaking community, Joe has a good grasp of the language. Finally, come to the Laurentians and enjoy the spirit of the mountains and hand-built guitars....

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Guitars in Stock for Sale


Guitars in Stock for Sale


Embrun, Ontario
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