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Guitars built to please the senses.

Hart Guitars is Joe Hart.  Hart Guitars are hand built steel-string acoustic guitars.  The idea of building something by hand that would be pleasing to the senses and enlighten the spirit is truly what Hart Guitars is about.  Each and every guitar that has the “Broken Heart” logo on its headstock is built with the utmost attention to detail and how it will “feel” to whomever decides to own one.  While Hart Guitars offers a few standard models, custom models are a welcome request.  Simply ask..

Handmade Guitars

GA and SJ Deluxe – SJ-MS (Multiscale)
PL Deluxe – PL Baritone

Service and Repairs

Set-ups , Nuts, Saddles, Fretwork, Pickups and structural repairs!


What We Offer


Acoustic and Electric – Includes new set of strings




Electric and Acoustic..


Six and Twelve String


Partial and complete refrets..

Structural work 

Bridge repairs, saddles, bridgeplates, neck and other repairs


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Joe Makes the best darned guitars on the planet... and more!

– Jerry Garcia –

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