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Service and Repairs

We (the Royal we) are equipped with the proper skills and tools to accurately and quickly repair stringed instruments from acoustic guitars and folk instruments to electric guitars and basses. If it has strings, bring it over! Estimates are free.

Sometimes all it takes is some TLC and some tweaking for your precious instrument to feel and sound its best. Regular maintenance is a good idea. A setup can bring your guitar from painful to a joy to play without breaking the bank. We also perform electronics work, Pickup re-wiring, potentiometer changes etc.

Modifying your instrument to upgrade pickups, tuners and any number of other changes is a good way to get great value for your money. We can make sure your project is stress free and implemented properly.

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Pricing in Cdn dollars

Shop rate – $75/hr

Set-up is not included in prices but is often required


  • Acoustic: $75 + $25 for 12 string (includes new set of std strings)
  • Electric: $75 + $25 w/Floyd Rose etc. (includes new set of std strings)

Nuts (bone)

  • Six string: $75
  • Twelve string: $100

Saddles (bone)

  • $50 + $25 for compensated + $50 for 12 string

Fretwork (not including setup)

  • Dress, level and crown all frets: $175
  • Partial re-fret: $200 and up
  • Complete re-fret non-bound fretboard : $350
  • Complete re-fret bound fretboard: $400
  • Complete re-fret Maple fretboard (tint lacquer satin finish): $425

Bridge (setup not included)

  • Bridge removal and re-glue: $125
  • Replace bridge-plate: $150 and up
  • Re-glue Gibson J200 style bridge: $150
  • New Martin style bridge: $300 +$15(RW) +$25(Ebony) – includes new saddle
  • New Pyramid style bridge: $400 +$15(RW) +$25(Ebony) – includes new saddle
  • New Classical style bridge: hourly rate

Neck Re-set (includes minimum dress and set-up)

  • Martin Style: $450
  • Gibson and other styles: $550


  • Cracked headstock (with minimum finish touch up): $150 and up
  • Top, rim and back cracks: $75 each and up
  • Re-glue loose braces: $75 each and up

Wiring – All custom wiring is quoted at hourly rate plus parts

  • Acoustic pickup install: $100 and up
  • Electric guitar Humbucker install: $175 and up

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